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Mon, Aug. 21st, 2006, 03:33 pm
carlacryptic: Greetings from Carla Cryptic!

I've just had time, finally, to look around and see who else is on LiveJournal and found this community. I know Athame Art from ATCards.com. 90 percent of my cards are hand drawn since everything I do is my original work but I often draw using Painter or Illustrator instead of a pen or pencil and I've found that many people object to that kind of artwork in ATC trades. I also draw the designs for my carved stamps but that's another thing not everyone is into. Luckily, I draw with pen & ink, colored pencil, markers, and good old fashioned pencil lead also. :)

Here are some examples of hand drawn ATCs I've made:


(Just the ones I could load this afternoon - I hope to get a little more of their true variety up over the next week or so. :)